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  1. Measurement of the attenuation length of argon scintillation light in the ArDM LAr TPC, ArDM Collaboration (2016), e-Print: arXiv:1611.02481 [astro-ph.IM].
  2. The ArDM Liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber at the Canfranc Underground Laboratory: a ton-scale detector for Dark Matter SearchesArDM Collaboration (2016), e-Print: arXiv:1612.06375 [physics.ins-det], to be published in JCAP.
  3. Dynamics of the ions in Liquid Argon Detectors and electron signal quenchingL. Romero, R. Santorelli, B. Montes (2016) e-Print: arXiv:1609.08984 [physics.ins-det], to be published in Astroparticle Physics.
  4. A Noble Gas Detector with Electroluminescence Readout based on an Array of APDsB. Bourguille et al. (2015). Published in JINST 10 (2015) no.12, C12016.
  5. Status of ArDM-1t: First observations from operation with a full ton-scale liquid argon targetArDM Collaboration (2015) e-Print: arXiv:1505.02443 [physics.ins-det].
  6. Development and Characterization of a Multi-APD Xenon Electroluminescence TPC,T. Lux et al. (2015) JINST 10 no.03, P03008.
  7. ArDM: first results from underground commissioningArDM Collaboration (2013) JINST 8 C09005.